There are many ways that you can support Parenting Special Children.


Volunteer your time and skills

Parenting Special Children really values the time and skills that volunteers give to the charity and we often have new volunteering opportunities. The majority of people who have volunteered with the charity over the years have learnt new skills and have moved to paid work.

We have a number of volunteers who work closely alongside our staff team, and make an essential contribution to our work with parents/carers.

Our Diagnosis Support Service has a number of trained Peer Supporters. Peer Supporters are parent volunteers who support families whilst awaiting an assessment or who have recently received a diagnosis.

Please click here if you’re interested in other aspects of volunteering for Parenting Special Children.


This is important to the charity as it raises valuable funds, but also raises the profile of the charity. This means that more families are aware of the services we provide, and also encourages others to fundraise for the charity. We are always looking for new supporters with new ideas!


Attending or sponsoring an event is a great way to raise funds for the charity. A recent example of this is our Annual Fundraising Ball.


The following local organisations are a great way to donate to local charities such as Parenting Special Children.

The Good ExchangeThe Good Exchange will match your donations, meaning that your donation is doubled! This means that a donation of £10 can immediately become £20, without any extra work for the donor. is also a great way of supporting local charities.LG_master





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