Attachment Focused Parenting/Caregiving Courses

Children with experiences of insecure attachments need a different kind of parenting/caregiving. Based on the work of respected children and family practitioners from across the world, we offer three different Attachment Focused Parenting/Caregiving courses for parents/carers of children affected by trauma through adverse childhood experiences. 

  1. Attachment Focused Parenting/Caregiving for adopters, long-term foster carers and kinship carers
  2. Attachment Focused Caregiving for short-term foster carers 
  3. Attachment Focused Re-Parenting for birth parents of children affected by adverse early life experiences
  • Key themes are:
    • Impact of trauma
    • Symptom overlap with neurological conditions (Autism/ADHD etc)
    • Attachment theory
    • Avoiding and managing stress
    • Understanding & managing behaviour
    • Life story work
    • Working positively with schools
    • Secondary trauma to parents/carers

Please note: This course is only suitable for Parents/Carers. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide childcare, or accommodate children, unless otherwise stated.

Covid Precautions: Please do not attend if you are unwell.


  • COST Varies - as per funding situation
  • DURATION A 7 week programme, with each session lasting 2 hours
  • DELIVERED BY Specialist Parenting Practitioners, who are also parents/carers of children with special needs
  • FREQUENCY Courses typically run every term

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