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Understanding /supporting children’s behaviour during the COVID-19 lockdown – Zoom Webinar


A series of 3 linked workshops for parents and carers of children with SEND, living, or attending a school, in Berkshire. You will be booking to attend all 3 sessions via Zoom webinar.

This is a challenging time for all of us and many children are finding the lockdown stressful. However, some children with SEND have additional pressures and, as a result, they can struggle to regulate their emotions and behaviour at times of stress.

These workshops have been designed for parents and carers of children who are showing behaviours of concern such as anger, aggression and physical harm. They aim to explore the underlying causes of such behaviours and provide practical positive strategies for reducing stress and creating a calm environment. The workshops are written and delivered by parents of children with SEND who have personal experience of the issues raised.

Workshop 1: Wednesday 29 April

Workshop 2: Wednesday 6 May

Workshop 3: Wednesday 13 May

Time: 7.30pm – 9pm

Cost: Free for families with children living, or attending a school, in Berkshire (£5 refundable booking deposit).




Workshop 1: Parental self-care (29 April)

This workshop focuses on the importance of parental wellbeing. We will start by thinking about our own stress levels and how we can identify and respond to our own needs.

Why is parental self-care important?
Understanding our own stress levels and responses
Developing healthy coping strategies
Being stress-aware
Sources of help and support

Workshop 2: Understanding our children’s behaviour (6 May)

This workshop looks at some of the potential causes of stress in children with SEND at this challenging time. We will look closely at how these triggers may link to behaviours of concern and how we might be able to respond positively to them.

The relationship between stress, anxiety and behaviour
Being curious about the causes of behaviour
Developing security in these uncertain times
Understanding the role of the sensory environment

Workshop 3: Supporting our children’s emotional regulation (13 May)

This final workshop looks at how we can support our children’s emotional regulation so that the whole family can identify and respond to stress in positive ways.

What is emotional regulation
Understanding and reducing demands
Building an emotional vocabulary
De-escalation – the Low Arousal Approach
Crisis Management

We are very grateful to The Good Exchange and Greenham Trust for funding this series. It will be lead by specialist parenting practitioner Jo Billington. Other areas of PSC work receive no funding at all, for example our Helpline, so we are always grateful for any donations however large or small.

**Unfortunately we have an increasing number of clients who book events but do not attend (DNA) nor cancel. DNA’s have a negative impact on our ability to secure repeat funding and we are required to put measures in place to reduce them. Therefore, it has become necessary to charge booking deposits for our free events. This deposit will be refunded after attendance at all 3 sessions. Eventbrite booking fees are non-refundable. If you wish you may opt to donate your booking deposit to PSC. Please choose the appropriate ticket when booking. Thank you for your understanding.**

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