Services for Children and Young People

Parenting Special Children runs a number of events and groups for Berkshire children and young people (to age 21) with special needs and/or disabilities.

  • The A Team: Awesome Autism/ADHD

A monthly group for autistic/ADHD girls (aged up to 18 years old) to meet, socialise, have fun and try new things. We have a primary and a secondary age group and are currently seeking funding to run an additional group (aged 18 to 21).

  • Auticulate

A monthly support group for young people (aged 8-16) with a diagnosis of autism who attend mainstream schools.

Please Note: this group is heavily oversubscribed with a long waiting list. We are therefore not taking further applicants at this time. We will advertise when places become available.

  • Let’s Get Creative

A monthly group for adopted children, and those who live with their grandparent guardians, which works to build social skills through different art forms.

  • Social Interaction Group

A six week course for young people in mainstream education (aged 11 to 16, school year groups 7 to 11) with a diagnosis of Autism/ADHD, or who are awaiting an assessment, registered with a GP practice in the West Berkshire NHS area (Reading, West Berkshire, Wokingham). The course will focus on independence, self-advocacy, friendships, self-esteem and knowing ourselves.

  • Sleep Workshops for Young People

For children and young people (aged 10 to 19), with an accompanying parent, with special needs who struggle with their sleep.

  • On Demand Sleep Presentation for Children & Young People (age 8+).
  • On Demand Sleep Presentation: Tips for Teens.

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