Services for Children and Young People

Parenting Special Children runs a number of events and groups for Berkshire children and young people (to age 21) with special needs and/or disabilities.

  • The A Team: Awesome Autism/ADHD

Monthly groups for autistic/ADHD girls and young women (age 5 to 23) to meet, socialise, have fun and try new things. 

  • Auticulate

A monthly support group for young people (age 8 to16) with a diagnosis of autism who attend mainstream schools.

Please Note: this group is heavily oversubscribed with a long waiting list. We are therefore not taking further applicants at this time. We will advertise when places become available.

  • Let’s Get Creative

Monthly groups for adopted children, and those who live with their grandparent guardians, which work to build social skills through different art forms.

  • Mindful Music

Whole Step CIC and Parenting Special Children are looking to start Mindful Music workshops for young people aged 13-18, who are either adopted, living with Foster Carers or Kinship Carers in Berkshire and Oxfordshire. Mindful Music helps us recall positive feelings and moments in our lives. These feelings are strengthened through drawing as we listen to music. The aim is to provide a relaxing, creative space to reduce stress and anxiety.

  • Social Interaction Group

A six week course for young people in mainstream education, in school years 4 to 8 (year 9 may be considered), with a diagnosis of Autism/ADHD, or who are awaiting an assessment, registered with a GP practice in the West Berkshire NHS area (Reading, West Berkshire, Wokingham). The course will focus on independence, self-advocacy, friendships, self-esteem and knowing ourselves.

  • Sleep Workshops for Young People

For children and young people (age 10 to 19), with an accompanying parent, with special needs who struggle with their sleep.

  • On Demand Sleep Presentation for Children & Young People (age 8+).
  • On Demand Sleep Presentation: Tips for Teens.

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